Hycoflex Horse – Health Supplement



Supplement to support joint health and reduce inflammation.

Hycoflex Ultra is an all-in-one to support the health of your horse’s joints.

At Equisource, horse health is important to us. Passionate about horses and their well-being, Julie Radicioni, founder of Equisource, has developed a supplement created from hyaluronic acid, collagen, and antioxidants … All in one … HycoFlex Ultra.
The formula is made up of the bioactive complex of collagen and hyaluronic acid called “hylagen”, which is unique to HycoFlex Ultra.
  • The musculoskeletal system of horses,
  • The health of joints and muscle tissue,
  • Post-surgery healing,
  • The health of older horses,
  • The health of horses in training,
  • Reduction of inflammation.

Made in Mirabel, QC

Packaging: 30 pouches of 30 ml of concentrate

180 mg – Human grade Hyaluronic Acid
5000 mg – Highly absorbable collagen
40 mg – Vitamin C
4.5 mg – Vitamin E
500 mcg – Vitamin A

Recommended dosages and instructions for use

  • Give a 30 ml sachet per day for 1 month, renew if necessary.
  • For maintenance, give 15 ml (half a sachet) per day.
  • Mix with feed or administer directly into the horse’s mouth using an oral syringe.
  • This dietary supplement can be administered all year round if necessary.
  • Depending on the joint balance of the horse, its weight and its activity, the dosage can be adapted.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice.

Improved health of my horse

6 May 2021

My horse, who raced in harnessed trot for 7 years, is currently retired and has worn down cartilage on the stifle. He has an add-on to his treatments that sometimes causes him to lameness. Thanks to Hycoflex, he can now work in the saddle easily and he is more comfortable.

Elise Marcoux

Hycoflex products have completely changed the lives of me and my horse.

1 April 2021

Tensions, stiffness and resistance are gone. My horse’s availability for work has improved greatly. What was difficult is now progressing very well! There is no way for us to do without it! Thank you Hycoflex for the quality and efficiency of your products!

– Caroline and Figaro

Caroline Bolduc

Dynamic and playful

31 July 2020

My horse was showing signs of discomfort but had no apparent injuries or swelling. After just a few days of using the supplement, the signs of discomfort disappeared, and my horse regained its vitality. After a month, he is much more dynamic and playful than before.


Best performance

30 July 2020

I have a 12-year-old Warmblood who had joint problems. My trainer suggested that I try a new product that she takes for her horses. Since that time, he has been doing so much better. His movements are much smoother, and he has more energy. It’s easy to serve as they are single servings and my horse loves the taste of peppermint. In 2 weeks, we have seen the difference and the results help us to perform better in our jumping courses. Well done Hycoflex ; )

Suzie Miller


28 July 2020

Orion is so fit!!! Congratulations to the “magic feed” and your good care!

Catherine, Clara's mom

I recommend

22 July 2020

Rider for 30 years in dressage, I have used everything available on the market for the joint and muscle health of my horses. I tried Hycoflex out of curiosity and within 2 weeks I saw results on the fluidity of movement of my horses. It makes a big difference in training and in competition when we perform more complex movements with our horse. I recommend this product to all riders who want to improve the muscle and joint health of their horses.

James Kurts

Perfect for my horse!

20 July 2020

I give my horse the best possible care, so when I was asked to try HycoFlex I didn’t hesitate for a second! Before I started using the HycoFlex product, my horse had a stiff back and had sacroiliac pain. You always had to walk along him to warm him before mounting him. He was receiving osteopathic treatment and had a few injections, but nothing was working long term. However, since using HycoFlex his movements have become much smoother and he needs less warming up. I saw a change after a week and now, a month later, the improvements are more marked. In addition, my horse is very picky when it comes to his food. He used to stretch his feed and not always finish it, but since he has HycoFlex in his meals he eats quickly and everything.

Clara Lauzon

Super product!

14 July 2020

As a dressage rider, it is important for me to give the best to my horses, so that they can perform at their peak! I started using HycoFlex products a few months ago, and within 2 weeks I have seen a marked improvement in the fluidity of my horses’ movements. They were much more fluid, lighter and relaxed in their locomotion, but especially in the execution of more advanced movements. In addition, their post-workout recovery time was undeniably optimized. Having tried several joint supplement products for my horses, this one is by far the most effective and has given me real results. I highly recommend it for maintaining the health of your horses’ joints and to optimize your performance!

Emilie Carré
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