Individual Sessions

“The bird perched in a tree does not fear the branch to break as his confidence does not reside in the branch but rather in its own wings.”


Regain self-confidence and improve your leadership with the help of horses.

The EQUISOURCE approach, designed by Julie, can help you to recover your confidence and attain your full potential. In individual sessions or during workshops, you will meet our therapists… the horses, specialized in non-verbal communication that will help you reconnect to your true self. Horses only give us what we need in the present moment. This provides us with a great occasion to gently begin a non-judgmental journey to personal growth.

Here are some elements that can be addressed:

  • problem solving;
  • guidance toward your objectives;
  • stress and anxiety management;
  • develop your communication skills;
  • the ability to enforce your personal space and that of others;
  • sensitivity to the language of your body and that of your emotions;
  • increase your creativity;
  • ability to evolve at your own pace in a group;
  • career change.

These first steps toward a better self-understanding will lead you to greater self-confidence.

If needed and according to your aspiration, we will guide you with pleasure on this journey by offering more advanced workshops.

Guidance – Adults, Teenagers and Children
Individual session – A journey into self-development facilitated by the horse.

150$ (tax included) for 90 minutes. Insurance receipts available

Individual session – 90 minutes (taxes included)