Self Development Facilitated by the Horse

Located in Mirabel, on the magnificent property of Domaine Richebourg, EQUISOURCE invites you to discover the real you with the help of horses. From the moment you step into this equine world, you will find a haven of peace.


Developed by Julie Radicioni, Equisource is an approach which can be taught through individual sessions (for adults, couples, teenagers and children), through Meditation sessions with horses or ethological equitation classes, we also offer accommodations for restful and healing stays.

Through different hands-on exercises and activities, horses will lead you into an experience rich in learning. Exercises are followed by a discussion and a theory lecture, in order to optimize knowledge integration and place them into context of your daily and professional lives.

Why Horses?

Horses are mentors with great wisdom. They react authentically and immediately to people’s emotions. Because of their “Mirror” effect, their response gives us a non-filtered feedback to help us uncover our true self. Therefore, they give us an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the way we communicate, our feelings, our behaviour, our leadership and our perspective on the world.

Horses feel and thus respond to people’s intentions, emotions and thoughts that are revealed through unconscious human body language. Horses often detect our intentions before we even acknowledge them ourselves.

Just by being connected to the energy of the horse, your personal growth will happen without judgment, while you walk alongside.

Geneviève Young introduces Julie Radicioni who is a NLP Master Practitioner and certified apprenticeship accompanied by the horse. Julie talks about her EquiSource center.

“The realization of a dream always begins with the first step” (Julie Radicioni)